Our Provecta series of advanced technical films are designed to be eco-friendly alternatives to rubber and traditional plastic. It is highly adaptable and versatile and is excellent for many applications due to its high hardness and tensile strength.

Types of Provecta

General Use

Provecta General is an advanced technical film with excellent durability and flexibility. It can be bonded with fabric and other materials for various applications.


These technical films are solvent-free and highly elastic. The Provecta Adhesive is perfect for bonding materials, including microfiber fabrics, PU leather, and genuine leather.

Protective Layer

Provecta Protective Layer is an optical-grade film that is transparent, weather resistant, and UV stable. This makes it ideal for adding extra protection to glass or automobile exteriors.

Sealing Tape

Provecta Seamless can add strength and rigidity to seam joints. With high water resistance and excellent bonding strength, it contributes to long-lasting, durable sealing.


The Provecta Foam is lightweight, low in density, and high in heat resistance. It is suitable for backpacks, protective gear, and logo emblems.


The Ecosource is made from recycled TPU surplus and organic materials. It functions as a green source, reduces waste, and helps minimize carbon footprint.