Perfloa Hydration Tubes

Our Perfloa hydration tubes are soft, non-toxic, odorless, and free of all plasticizers. They also do not kink easily and excel at delivering a perfect flow of liquids. Perfloa hydration tubes are available in a variety of different sizes and colors.

Part No.

HTS5080 / HTS5085
Inner Dimension x Outer Dimension
mm inch
6.35 x 9.50 1/4 x 3/8
8.0 x 11.0 5/16 x 0.43”
** The data and information provided are for reference only and are not guaranteed.
Customized colors for our Perfloa hydration tubes are available
upon request.
Transparent Blue
Transparent Red
HTS5080 80A
HTS5085 85A