Sustainability and Carbon

Sustainability Efforts

DingZing is committed to social and environmental initiatives contributing to a sustainable future. Notably, we are leading the efforts in sustainable business practices and carbon neutrality within all areas of our company. From the TPU-based products to their production, we promote the environment's safety and ensure no resources go to waste.

Green Materials

We are known for our reliable, eco-friendly material source. DingZing uses only TPU material to produce technical films, hoses, belts, and seals for its 100% recyclable and biodegradable nature. Additionally, its non-toxic properties exert no ecological footprint and ensure no harm to the soil, water, and environment during production or at the end of life.

100% Recyclable
within 5 to 10 Years

Green Production

With no wastewater produced, DingZing puts effort into ensuring efficient energy usage in manufacturing processes. We optimize our factory management and facilities to reduce carbon dioxide produced annually. Additionally, we introduce renewable energy into production, and all our newest factories will be equipped with solar energy.

No Wastewater
Carbon Dioxide

Green Commitment

Our commitment to sustainability explains why we diligently optimize our resources and implement a ‘zero waste of materials’ policy throughout production. We continually strive for practices that align with the purpose, for instance, utilizing the post-industrial surplus of our technical films and reprocessing it back to produce recycled technical film line.

of Materials