Vulcana is our series of TPU-based yarns. Available in both monofilament and multifilament variations, Vulcana boasts the same environmentally friendly properties as our other TPU product ranges. Ideally suited for enterprises working with textiles and fabrics, Vulcana yarn offers a sustainable choice that does not compromise performance or strength.

Types of Filaments


Vulcana monofilament yarns provide a stable and sturdy solution for applications requiring stiffer textile properties with better work hardening resistance. Our monofilament yarns are available in natural color with a diameter of 0.5mm or 1mm width.


Vulcana multifilament yarns are an ideal choice for textiles and fabrics that need to be flexible and comfortable in a versatile range of application. Our multifilament yarns are available with natural color or dope dyed in red or blue.