Industry-Leading Research
and Production

About DingZing

DingZing is a world-leading researcher, developer, and producer of advanced materials that inspire innovation and versatile TPU products that support various industry applications. Drawing on over thirty-five years of experience in engineered polymers, our on-site research and development center and product testing laboratory enhance new product development and turnaround. All of our facilities are ISO 9001 and ISO14001 certified.

Dedicated to Multifaceted

Our advanced and cutting edge materials are the result of our dedication to innovation. We collaborate alongside designers and material experts to experiment and create a new generation of films and composites that engineers go on to integrate into new production processes. While industries in need of durable and reliant components find solutions in our seals, belts and hose.

Advanced Materials Creating
New Possibilities

DingZing’s advanced materials are sought by leading brands looking to redefine their industries, breaking new ground in the performance and aesthetics of everything from sporting goods to cutting-edge medical devices. Our materials can be customized to a wide range of applications and are found in tens of thousands of consumer, professional, and industrial products today.

Responsible Practices for
Sustainable Industries

DingZing gives our partners the opportunity to transition to more sustainable business practices and carbon neutrality. Through our environmentally friendly sourcing, production and waste management methods DingZing offers a greener choice for our clients that goes beyond the inherent benefits of choosing TPUbased materials for end products.