Dependable & Durable
Air Hoses and Tubes

Our premium quality Perfloa air hoses and hydration tubes deliver well-controlled tolerance and high burst pressure for reliable air, gas, and liquid transport. The hoses and tubes are readily available in standard colors and sizes. We offer customization to meet business applications and operational needs for color code management.

Perfloa Air Hoses & Tubes

The lightweight and highly elastic Perfloa braided hoses are well suited for automobile service stations and construction sites.
The tough and durable Perfloa recoil air hoses are ideal for air tools, machinery, and automotive.
The tough, lightweight, and highly durable Perfloa straight air hoses can be relied upon for delivery of air and gasses.
The kink-resistant DingZing hydration tubes are ideal for applications requiring a smooth flow of liquids without being impacted by temperature and weather.

Energizing Industries

DingZing air hoses and tubes add dependability and versatility to the operations of a diverse range of industries when it comes to the safe transport of air, gas, and liquid.