Our range of TPU-based technical films, composites, and other performance products offer dependable, environmentally friendly, and versatile solutions. We provide advanced materials and products that energize industries using our rigorous, innovative process and collaborative efforts.

Products & Solutions

DingZing’s complete line of products is produced using thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU). Due to their excellent strength, resistance, and elasticity that remain lightweight, TPU-based products have opened up possibilities across various industries.

Versatile TPU-based films offering a superior alternative to traditional materials.
Strong and lightweight materials with exceptional elasticity.
High quality hoses and hydration tubes with excellent pressure and burst resistance.
Uniform and durable conveyor and transmission belts.
Resilient seals for reliable and durable performance.

Innovative Concepts with
Transformative Results

At DingZing’s Innovation Playground, we seek out new possibilities for our materials. From industries as varied as textiles to advanced biomedical science, we discover the market trends and industry demands to innovate toward new possibilities.

Operate in Industries with Increased Versatility
Gear Up for the Future of Human Mobility
Utilize a New Generation of Sustainable Consumer Goods
Be Inspired by a New Wave of Composite

What’s New

21.08.2024 - 24.08.2024

2024 Taipei Int’l Industrial Automation Exhibition

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