Industry-Leading Research and Production

DingZing is a world-leading researcher, developer and producer of advanced materials that inspire innovation. Drawing on over thirty-five years of experience in the field of engineered polymers, our on-site research and development center and product testing laboratory enhance new product development and turnaround. All of our facilities are ISO 9001 and ISO14001 certified.

Science. Innovation. Collaboration.

Dedicated to collaborative innovation.

Designers and material experts collaborate with DingZing to experiment with next-generation films and composites, while engineers choose DingZing to integrate these materials into new production processes. Through an open and collaborative process - known as Innovation Playground - DingZing works alongside designers, engineers, and material experts to take products from concept to commercialization, and even transform the way products get made.

Advanced materials that inspire innovation.

Our advanced materials have played a pivotal role in the introduction of hundreds of industry-redefining innovations, advancing the performance and aesthetics of everything from sporting goods to cutting-edge medical devices. Our materials are found in tens of thousands of consumer, professional, and industrial products available on the market today.

Functionally advanced films and composites.

DingZing’s advanced materials are sought by leading brands for unparalleled performance in waterproof breathability, adhesion functionality, and aesthetic possibilities. Our materials can be molded to customize a wide-range of applications, opening the door to innovation and giving designers and engineers the ability to further advance their products.