Advanced Composite Materials and High-Performance Technical Films

Provecta is a series of advanced technical films designed to provide a better alternative to rubber and traditional plastic. Highly adaptable and extremely versatile, it is excellent for use as a protective layer, adhesive, sealant, and cushion in both commercial and medical applications.

Orkesta is a series of composite materials with a layer of hot melt film designed to replace conventional materials, like microfiber or genuine leather. These materials can be applied as an outer layer to a variety of products via heat pressing and high-frequency welding.

Advanta is our original line of trademarked technical films. This industry-leading series is designed for a wide range of clothing applications that require highly breathable, waterproof materials.

High-performance TPU Products

Our Perfloa air hoses and hydration tubes provide premium quality, delivering well-controlled tolerance and high burst pressure.

Our Aldura transmission and conveyor belts offer exceptional uniformity and reliable, consistent performance.

Our DingZing DZ seals come with excellent tensile strength, outstanding compression deformation rates, and reliable resistance to both temperature and pressure.