Where Collaborative Innovation Comes to Life

We have a host of advanced composite materials and technical films to experiment with, and a track record of turning client concepts into groundbreaking new products.

Step 1. Consultation
Step 2. Collaboration
Step 3. Customization

Step 1. Consultation

Consult with DingZing professionals to explore materials from a wide range of possibilities. Our experience spans all corners of industry, allowing us to help our clients identify materials most suited to their application needs.

Step 2. Collaboration

Collaborate with DingZing to ensure the selected material is properly integrated in the production process. We have collaborated with companies across industries to realize the full potential of hundreds of unique applications.

Step 3. Customization

Customize advanced materials with DingZing, adjusting texture, color, and width specific to production and application needs. Our on-site facilities prepare materials for production using DingZing resin, thereby optimizing final quality.


Be Inspired by a New Wave of Composite

The Innovation Playground has evolved, and it’s inspiring the modern era of textiles. We’re creating new possibilities for beautiful fabric blends, and forming even stronger bonds between materials using our hot melt adhesives.

Working in unison with pioneering product designers and creative fashionistas, we’re pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with composite, and we want to share our growing catalogue of ideas and applications.

Innovation Enabler

Embedded with smart technology, and customizable using thousands of texture and color possibilities, our extremely lightweight composites can create durable, hypoallergenic, and waterproof materials—providing the foundation that sparks innovation in wearable technology.

Performance Enhancer

Whether it be shielding military personnel from combat zone, protecting extreme athletes from harsh environments, or enhancing athletic performance, our composites give professionals that extra edge. Our materials allow for natural movement—at the most critical moments.


Inject New Life into Advanced Medical Materials

In everything from bioinstrumentation to prosthetics and rehabilitation, the lightweight films in our Innovation Playground have helped inspire creative thinkers and biomedical engineers improve the way their products interact with all parts of the human body.

That’s because our technical films embody all the properties our skin needs to perform – from adhesiveness, breathability and durability, to hypo-allergenicity, moisture resistance and hardness. Not only are our materials 100 percent biocompatible, they also work in harmony with natural ecosystems, completely biodegrading in soil after disposal.

Externally Comfortable

Breathable, hypo-allergenic, moisture resistant, and soft, our medical-grade technical films are highly compatible with human skin. Our advanced medical materials are suited for a wide range of applications, from wound care and hospital bedding to concussion monitoring helmets and biosensor gloves.

Internally Compatible

Our completely biocompatible materials outperform traditional materials in flexibility, tear resistance and abrasion resistance. Not only are they ideal for surgical tools and blood transfusions, our materials can be used in short-term implants, artificial hearts, and bone and tissue substitutes.


Discover the Materials of Industry 4.0

The Innovation Playground is embracing Industry 4.0 by providing ‘smart’ managers with the advanced materials they need to streamline production lines, and manufacture the products of tomorrow. We’re proud to work alongside engineers and designers to make Industry 4.0 even more efficient.

We’re integrating our materials into modern production lines, slashing manufacturing time and eliminating heaps of excess waste. Working with the greatest thinkers in manufacturing, we provide the technical films and advanced composites that support Industry 4.0.

Leaner Materials

Functions that traditionally required several different materials to complete can now be replaced by a single one of our materials. Our materials keep up with modern consumers who demand instantaneous access to individually tailored products, while also reducing waste in production lines.

Efficient Production

Bulky production processes weigh down efficiency—and hold companies back from taking the next step in modernizing production. Inherent time-savers, our materials are a vital element to the Industry 4.0 revolution, minimizing time and cost within each level of production and streamlining the production process.


Industry-Redefining Innovations

Our advanced technical films and composite materials are instrumental in advancing the performance and aesthetics of everything from sporting goods to cutting-edge medical devices.