Furniture & Bedding

DingZing offers a wide range of materials to bring new possibilities to furniture and bedding applications. Our anti-allergenic and non-irritating materials are ideal for enhancing performance and durability, while our substrates allow for new innovations in smart bed technology.

  • Protect from scratches and blemishes
  • Create anti-allergenic bedding
  • Bond hard materials including wood and plastic
  • Create cushioning for bedding and seats
  • Hold electronic components for smart bed applications
Eco-Friendly Furniture
Advancing Eco-Friendly Furniture
Responding to stricter environmental standards, a global self-assembly furniture company invited DingZing to help modernize their wood laminate operations. Using our highly adhesive and durable technical film, we helped replace hand-brush glue with an eco-friendly, heat-press laminate solution that cut costs and boosted efficiency.
Provecta is the perfect eco-friendly replacement for glue as it solvent-free, and just as adhesive. What’s more, our technical film can be seamlessly integrated into automated production lines.
Infant Products
Innovating Anti-Allergenic Infant Products
A high-end baby items producer wanted to go the extra mile, so we teamed up to create hypoallergenic products that shield infants from dust-mites and allergies. Our non-permeable, lightweight and breathable technical films formed the perfect protective layer, and can even be washed repeatedly at high temperatures.
Advanta technical films are ideally suited to producing baby products that are comfortable, robust and non-permeable. However, it is their anti-allergenic properties that endear them to parents seeking to keep their babies clean and safe.
Eco-Friendly Furniture
Infant Products