DingZing’s high-performance technical films create lightweight shoes faster and more efficiently than conventional methods. Our high-performance films combine both durability and comfort, offering excellent breathability and waterproof functionality in footwear. With thousands of different colors and textures to choose from, our films can also expand possibilities in aesthetic design.

  • Waterproof shoes with highly breathable technical films
  • Give different textures or designs to a shoe’s outer layer
  • Provide padding for shoes (sole materials)
  • Use for general lamination
  • Bond together different shoe materials
Soccer Shoes
Making Soccer Shoes Lighter and Stronger
To make what just may be the world’s finest soccer shoe, we collaborated with a leading shoemaker on a technical film solution that delivers advanced functionality without any unnecessary bulk. The result? Incredibly lightweight but durable soccer shoes.
Our Orkesta composite films supply a strong, sturdy outer layer that is not only stylish but very lightweight, making it the perfect choice for products that must be light but strong.
Basketball Shoes
Revolutionizing Basketball Shoes
To make the world’s first “no sew” basketball shoe, a major shoe maker turned to DingZing. Thanks to our Provecta Adhesive technical film, an entirely new production process was created. The no-stitch basketball shoe was born and the shoe industry was changed forever.
Provecta technical films have made shoes lighter and more durable, and the production technology our films pioneered has become an industry standard for premium athletic shoes.
Soccer Shoes
Basketball Shoes