DingZing technical films can be used in a wide range of automotive applications, including windows, parts, components, and exterior and interior surfaces. DingZing technical films reduce maintenance time, enhance security and allow for improved customization and enhanced aesthetics.

  • Add soundproofing and shockproofing, as well as padding for seats
  • Protect exterior surfaces from abrasion
  • Add style and design to interior surfaces, including panels, walls, and seats
  • Cover up stitches or use for “no-sew” applications
Paint Protection Wrap
Keeping Luxury Vehicles Sleek
An automotive detailer wanted to help car owners avoid external damage to high-end automobiles—so they came to us. Our advanced films wrap luxury vehicles in a completely invisible shield against all threats to a perfect paint job, from rock chips to chemical stains. Even better, the film's "self-healing" properties correct small scratches in the film, ensuring a perpetual glossy finish.
Provecta technical films are totally transparent, but highly durable. This means luxury automobiles are completely protected from anything nature can thrown at them—without sacrificing that sleek finish.
Lumbar Support System
Taking Luxury Automobiles to the Next Level
When leading luxury auto makers wanted to achieve the highest level of quality in their automobiles, right down to the smallest detail, they came to us. Working together, we developed a solution using our technical films to form the backbone of a lumbar support system in high-end car seats.
Provecta l Orkesta
Our Provecta technical film’s durability and leak-proof strength made it ideal for this system’s high-end inflatable massage features, while our Orkesta films have been widely used to deliver a stylish, durable outer layer for car seat exteriors.
Paint Protection Wrap
Lumbar Support System